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"This is the New Get Down; Get Down #3!"


I did art & animation for this music video by Vance DeGeneres. Because they were comic book characters, I used a dot pattern to color the scenes. 

The video was directed & edited by Dave Thies and the song was produced by Matthew (Breakin' My Stride) Wilder.


I met Vance during a week of jury duty years ago in Van Nuys. We talked about guitars, animation and his old band "House of Schock". He's a very funny man and a fine musician as you'll hear. Click above to watch & listen!

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All Videos

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This animation is part of a video for the Dr. Marty line of pet foods. I storyboarded the section and created all of the layered color cartoons and lettering. I've also had the pleasure of creating some package illustrations for the Dr. Marty brand on my Package Art page.

Another animated segment, designed as storyboards.

An annoyed Wolfman, hiding from The Monster Searchers.

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